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What JoelMonty does best: 
Makes a positive difference in the world by empowering people by helping people and organizations learn to change what they need to change to improve their quality of life now and for the future.

JoelMonty has a unique talent for assisting clients to create and to apply extremely practical and achievable approaches to learning, change and problem solving.  These approaches are based on an understanding of the theory and processes involved in learning and change as well as an understanding of the human dimensions of change experienced by individuals and organizations. Joel believes strongly in transferring knowledge and in building knowledge-sharing teams at all levels within an organization.  

JoelMonty has developed innovative approaches to learning and change that dramatically speed the process and reduce the investment of time and resources.  The investment of the energy required to learn and change doesn't decrease.  When new performance is targeted to achieve a positive change in "bottom line" results, working with Joel's tested approaches can get individuals and organizations to targeted performance levels sooner and with less cost than using other methods. 

JoelMonty has consulted world-wide with more than 150 organizations in 20 different industry groups.  The nature of his consulting has ranged from creating organizational vision and change strategy to designing, developing, and implementing competency-focused learning programs in project management, organizational change management, sales, human resources management, strategic thinking, problem solving, and financial management for multiple projects. 

In addition to learning from his experiences over the years, JoelMonty has also earned a doctorate degree and two masters degrees in fields related to helping people and organizations learn how to learn and change what needs to be changed.  In the education field he has been a K-12 teacher and an adjunct university professor.

Additional Resources

For more information, visit the story pages on this site and visit http://www.JoelMonty.Com .

Think of these pages as a photo album. JoelMonty has highlighted some experiences in different parts of the world that illustrate the combination of professional and organizational performance change that he has guided for different clients, sometimes as an internal change agent and sometimes as an organizational change consultant. Today the most descriptive term for JoelMonty's work is Senior Business and e-Learning  Coach, Mentor, Guide, and Consultant--for executives, organizations, teams/workgroups, and for individuals.

Something that doesn't come out in the stories themselves are the friendships created during the experiences, some of which have lasted 40 years and more. Learning and change take work and, with a plan, a shared vision, commitment and enthusiasm, the results can be both rewarding and fun--at least fun can accompany the work.