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Information Links is a networked organization.  In addition to conducting on-going projects, Joel uses this space to connect you with other professionals providing services that are related to the work of

Ongoing Projects

  • Reading Surveys
    Joel is conducting research about the relationship between reading and listening to audio (recorded) books.  Surveys are for students, teachers, parents, and adults,
  • Distance-Education Surveys
    Distance education programs are evolving at a breakneck pace. For busy adults, online programs offer the key to completing degree and professional growth requirements while maintaining a balanced family life. This research project involves collecting data from non-profit and profit community colleges, colleges, universities, and other organizations to see what current trends are in developing, delivering, assessing, and improving distance education.
  • Community-Needs-Surveys
    As the economy evolves and jobs change, needs for workforce training and continuing education also are in a process of evolution. This project involves completion of data gathering surveys in several communities in Northern Illinois. Results of these surveys will be shared with participating Chambers of Commerce and other organizations and with community colleges supporting the communities participating in the project.
  • Presentations
    Using Audio Books to Improve Reading and Academic Performance was delivered in Elgin, IL, on April 23, 2009.  The presentation covered the contents of a research article and included time to sample several audio books, engage in a mini-literature circle sharing about the books reviewed, and explore how to involve parents, students, teachers, and libraries in projects to improve reading using audio books. Time was be provided for questions and comments.  View the presentation here.
  • Research
    Articles represent current research at the professional and graduate level. One of the benefits of professional development is to share professional outputs with colleagues and peers who could
    find value in the research. Authors have granted permission for these articles to be shared.)
  • Virtual-Think-Tank
    By participating in a virtual think tank, We can share our ideas with others and benefit from more perspectives, wisdom, and expertise. We can also bring our insights to bear on other issues. Gaining perspective and insight are two of the important features think tanks have to offer.

Related Resources

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DrM-MS-Resources provides a platform and launching pad for students and teachers working at the middle school level.
The Joelmonty wiki space is where people find current research and engage in conversation and dialogue regarding work in progress and upcoming projects.
Richard Erschik is a noted mentor and speaker, especially in the field of sales and marketing.  This web site allows people to ask Rich questions they cannot find answers to in their daily networks.
This is a site where people can contact Rich for speaking engagements and training and to explore the possibilities of virtual meetings and classrooms.
This is a site where professional writers and editors can help improve everything from resumes to doctoral dissertations and masters theses--along with books and letters, etc.'s founder has his doctorate in communications.

Audio eBooks for Learning LinkedIn Networking Group
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Social networking group for professionals.  Joel is a member.  If you subscribe, please join his network.

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